Tafy - Find best time to leave.

Tafy - Find best time to leave.

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Traffic, Traffic, Traffic! Are you facing problems with traffic?

Or should I just ask, are you living in Bangalore? Haha :wink:!

Then this is for you :)

Tafy - A simple chrome extension which can help you find best time to leave for your destination.

Background: Recently I moved to Bangalore for my summer internship at Goibibo, where I witnessed the world famous traffic and people investing an hour on a daily basis by refreshing maps to find out best time to leave for their destination hence decided to develop this simple solution which won’t fix the traffic condition but help you cope with it smarter way :D

Let’s understand it with a real life example:

You are at your work and it is around ~7:30 PM. Fortunately this time you have completed all your work before time, your product delivery is out with no incident reported and your boss is extremely happy with it.

Now it’s already time to go home, but as soon as you check the map, damn! it is hell lot of traffic.

OMG! It is too much traffic and rain is pouring, let’s wait and check again in another 5 mins.

At least for the next half an hour your primary job has shifted to checking the maps over and over again.

You know what, you could have had played TT in that time :D How?

Let’s take Tafy’s help. Just turn it on, set the time duration which works for you, Tafy will automatically notify you the best time to start. Till then, you can carry on your work (Oh yes! you can play too :p), without needing to hit maps repeatedly.

Tafy is very light weight, it takes negligible RAM compared to map site/app which means, it just cozily sits there in your browser’s top right corner without hampering any performance of your PC.

This was the brief overview of what I have built last week in the same category as of Wimator

Features of Tafy

Sounds useful? Try it out. Happy to hear your feedback.

Thanks to @dhananjayjs for that awestricking moment which helped me sketching the idea of Tafy, Thanks @RGengage for feature ideas, Thanks @TechGirlPooja for helping the release land here :thumbsup:

Made with :heart: in India

© 2018 jainkuniya

Vishwesh Jainkuniya

Vishwesh Jainkuniya


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