Loser is not the one who loses, but the one who gives up

Loser is not the one who loses, but the one who gives up

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This blog is targeted for all those who feel that they are losers, believe me, you are not and you will also feel the same after reading this.

I am from an engineering background, so mostly this blog will revolve around engineering entrance exams, engineering colleges, and the life of an engineer 😅.

In India, the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are considered as one of the best engineering colleges. At the time of writing this, there are 23 IITs which take around 11,279 students every year.

But do you know how many students give entrance exam to get into IIT?

More than 10,00,000 students appear in this race of getting admission in IITs. Nearly 1.12% of students are passed. Around 2,000 students do suicide due to failure in examination. They feel that they are useless, and are frightened of what others will think.

So here I want to say that if you didn’t manage to get admission in IIT, then you are not a loser. But if you just give up and stop doing hard work, then you are. Let’s take a simple example here:

I guess all have played SUBWAY SURFERS game, if not they try it out now

It has something called HEADSTART, which provides you some initial lead with points and coins while running.

Mind it, using this headstart does not ensure you a top score or high score in that game. You have to keep moving and work hard to gain that.

IITs are also similar to that headstart. Being the elite institutions of the country, will give you a safe side and provide headstart in your life. But to be successful, you need to keep doing hard labor and good deeds.

So it is not the end of life if you can’t get into IITs. Keep working and the whole world will come to know about your work.

It’s not IIT which makes people successful, it is their talents.!!!

Few examples: Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft), Shantanu Narayan (CEO of Adobe Systems) and many many more (to know more, please follow this thread)

Failures are not only in exams, but they are also spread all over the life span.

I would like to share one more story, which inspires me a lot. This is a story of Harrdy Sandhu, he is one of the most popular singers of Punjabi songs. He started his career in cricket and played for 10 years. He also played in under-19 team. But in 2006, he had an elbow injury. He was a fast bowler and his injury was on my right arm. He tried to get treatment, but nothing happened.

Now, he had two options: either he can curse his injury & give up or he can move on. He had chosen the later one. He started his new career in singing and did hard work. Now, all know that he is the №1 singer in Punjabi Industry.

Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of telephone), says

When one door closes, another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.

IITs door is not the only door for you, and if it closed for you other doors are open for you.

Follow your passion, because doing something which you don’t like won’t keep you motivated, and it will be hard for you to give your best in it.

Just keep working hard until it is done, and never think about giving up.

A little about me: I also prepared for IIT, but was not lucky enough to get into the top 1.2%. I did my engineering from LNM-IIT. I was disappointed by the result, but I promised myself that I will not think anymore about the result. I just focussed on what to do next, instead of looking back. When I was in the first year of my graduation, I faced some issues in my college, which I realized can be solved by mobile apps. And this was the turning point, I started coding, learned Android app development, did my Google summer of Code, contributed to many open-source libraries including react-native by Facebook and so on.

Recently I watched Chhichhore movie and got the inspiration to write this.

The message sought by this movie is ‘You are not a Loser if you try your Best.’


Vishwesh Jainkuniya

Vishwesh Jainkuniya


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